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Our Location

If you’ve never stood under an endless sky streaked with clouds or stars that seems to go on forever…

Welcome to the Flint Hills.

Home to over 150 bird, 40 reptiles and amphibians and 35 mammal species, the Flint Hills are a stunning and diverse ecosystem. Fossils found here can be dated to over 250 million years old. It’s a remarkable example of tallgrass prairie and surrounds Rock Springs for an amazing exploration opportunity.

Rock Springs isn't just located in the tallgrass prairie

We are also committed to their preservation. There is a mere 4% remaining of the original prairie. We work everyday to preserve the 735 acres that Rock Springs calls home. If you’d like to help you can donate here.

"We come back because the staff is always helpful and friendly. The activities are safe and fun for our youth. The facilities are always well taken care of and the food is delicious."
Jeff Waugh
"WE CAME HOME! Met my expectations! Mom and Dad would have been so pleased that we had a chance to continue making family memories :)"
Seivers Family Reunion
"Loved, loved, loved the opportunity to let my family experience camp life at RSR. As a former staff member from years ago, I have very fond memories of RSR. After our day at the ranch my girls comments were: 'that was the best vacation we have ever had! We all enjoyed new challenges as we tested our physical and mental skills. Thank you all for this terrific experience!"
Labo Family Vacation
"The food all week was fantastic. The chicken Marsala was the best I have ever had. It was a five star meal. I truly felt like I was on vacation."
Elaine Fallon
"I am very pleased with our experience. Rock Springs provides a 'get away' that takes out many of the distractions which can interfere with the quality of a retreat. The grounds are well kept, spaces are clean for meeting, sleeping and eating and the staff makes all the details so easy. I highly recommend Rock Springs and plan to continue our event here in the future!"
Farm Bureau Collegiate Program
"Rock Springs provides a tremendous location, atmosphere, facilities, etc. for our leadership camp. Kayette and now KAY camp has been conducted at Rock Springs since the facility opened. Rock Springs provides an ideal atmosphere as we work with our student leaders to help them discover their leadership potential. We love the natural setting and escape from the 'real world distractions'”
KAY Leadership Camp
"Our students come from the city, so it is nice to come out and see the kids enjoy nature in such a beautiful setting. This is the first time many of these students have ever been in a canoe, held a bow and shot an arrow and actually hiked in nature. It is so great to see them play and get dirty and be learning important life skills at the same time. Your facility is top notch and we will continue to return."
St. Marks School
"This was an excellent event for our whole family. It was little or no stress. There was plenty to do for all our different ages. Each day there was a different 'favorite' thing. Kids and adults ALL had a fine time. Made lots of HAPPY memories!!"
Sumbahlen Family