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Bird is the word is an introductory ornithology class that takes participants and opens their eyes to all the bird life there is in Kansas! Through interactive indoor and outdoor activities, participants will learn about bird calls, common birds, and maybe even get a birding Bingo?

“Creatures of the Night” takes a look at nature on the dark side. This indoor program seeks to replicate the feeling of a campfire while exploring sounds and sights of nocturnal animals. The participants will learn more about creatures of night, their adaptations, and more! Not your ordinary classroom activity.

Prairie Life is all about Kansas and Rock Springs animals. Participants will be given the opportunity to handle real animal furs, skulls, and even live specimens. This presents youth the chance to truly have a hands-on learning experience. Included is Rock Springs Jeopardy, a time for kids to show off their inner naturalist knowledge!

Stream study lets kids be kids in an educational setting! Youth are given the opportunity to wade in Rock Springs creeks and discover the hidden aquatic life. The main focus of this offering is macroinvertebrates such as mayflies, damselflies, and caddisflies. However, the capture of crawdads and orange throat darters is a common occurrence as well! Closed toe shoes that can get wet are required.

This program is the Rock Springs version of CSI. Participants will use field guides, group knowledge, and problem solving skills to discover who’s been committing the “crime”. Clues may include the perpetrators habits, diet, tracks, and more. This game provides hands-on learning regarding Kansas predators in a fun setting.