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Standard Archery is a fun introduction to archery. Here participants will learn how to safely shoot our bows at standard bullseye targets.

Archery 3-D takes those who have a basic level of archery and allows them to shoot at fun 3-D archery targets.

Here participants take turns shooting at foam disks thrown into the air by our target thrower.

Participants will be introduced to basic shooting techniques using .22 caliber rifles. They will be instructed how to determine eye dominance, how to wear safety equipment properly, handle the rifle in a safe manner, identify parts of the rifle, proper body positioning, loading, aiming, firing, and unloading procedures. Participants will be shooting at paper targets the objective to put 5 shots in the target area and to improve on subsequent attempts.

Head on up to the trap range and test your skills by attempting to hit airborne clay targets! Participants will learn about the safety and art of trap shooting with 20 gauge shotguns from trained Rock Springs staff. Recommended for ages 12 and up.