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At Rock Springs Ranch, we believe in creating an environment that stimulates growth, energy and mindfulness. In a setting that takes them away from distractions and shows them the beauty of the natural world, youth and adults learn and grow together.

Each and every gift to the Kansas 4-H Foundation means we can continue this mission. Your support for Rock Springs Ranch goes towards camperships, facility enhancements and experiential learning programs. It also provides for the preservation of a large swath of the tallgrass prairie that surrounds Rock Springs Ranch and our beloved palomino herd. We are very grateful for your commitment to community, country and world as we empower the next generations of leaders, educators and engaged citizens.

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Rock Springs Ranch Greatest Need Fund
4-H Camp Support at RSR
Rock Springs Ranch Greatest Need Fund
Rock Springs Ranch Greatest Needs

Rock Springs Ranch Greatest Need – Your gift to the Rock Springs Ranch Greatest Need Fund supports the big picture mission and vision for the future at Rock Springs Ranch. From day-to-day facility maintenance and enhancements to giving us the means to provide experiential learning programs, continue our beloved equestrian program and protect the tallgrass prairie for future generations.

Rock Springs Ranch Facility Enhancements

Facility Enhancements – We have some big plans for RSR but we also have the day-to-day repairs, smaller improvements and touch-ups that keep us going.

Rock Springs Ranch Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning – The lessons of 4-H don’t stop at the clubs. We have educational programs at RSR that take learning out of the classroom and into the wild for youth and adults alike.

Rock Springs Ranch Palomino Herd

Palomino Herd – Have you ever met Marilyn, the alpha mare at Rock Springs? She keeps the herd in line and watches over the camp. Our equestrian program is a hallmark of RSR and your support keeps us on the trail.

Flint Hills Landscape

Tallgrass Preservation – The Tallgrass Prairie is one of the rarest and most endangered ecosystems in the world. We cherish doing our part to honor it here at RSR and work tirelessly to keep it healthy and thriving.

4-H Camp Support at RSR
Rock Springs Ranch 4-H Camp

4-H Camp – Mental health experts say that the role summer camp plays in unplugging youth from technology and engaging all their senses is more vital and life enhancing than ever before. The pandemic has caused financial hardship for Kansas families. Your support will go towards helping to ensure that all 4-Hers can experience camp, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

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If you would like to visit further about your gift to Rock Springs Ranch, please call the Kansas 4-H Foundation at 785.775.0123