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Welcome to Rock Springs

Rock Springs Ranch Exists To Be A Catalyst For Our State And For The Betterment Of Kansans, Starting With Our Children.

Rock Springs Ranch has been a tradition for kids across Kansas since 1946. And while they are hiking, swimming, horseback riding, or simply sitting by a fire under a starry night sky, they are also learning the kinds of lessons that last a lifetime. They “unplug” and explore what it means to stretch socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

Many make friends for life.

Uniquely located in the Flint Hills and grounded in 4-H values, Rock Springs prepares current and future generations with leadership development, conservation education and sportsmanship skills.

A Center for Four Seasons

Rock Springs Ranch is also ready to welcome retreats and conference any time of year. Enjoy a beautiful snowy sunrise, a spring walk through the bluebells, a summer night under the stars or a golden, waning day in fall. Rock Springs is stunning all year round.

We are here to welcome business meetings, family reunions, faith retreats or any other event you choose. We can provide the space and necessities for you to accomplish your agenda and help you have a little fun along the way.