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Special Diets


Note: This form is only necessary if you have food allergies, medical needs, religious restrictions or prefer one of the more common lifestyle diets listed. Form must be submitted two weeks prior to arrival to ensure proper menu planning, food ordering and production. Requests will apply to all meals during the guests stay. If we are unable to fulfill your request(s) due to production limitations, availability or cost, our food services team may ask that you bring or send your own food from home to supplement what we offer.

We realize that different guests have different needs. Our food service providers are experienced with accommodating most diets, and by substituting different ingredients and approaches, our kitchen will do their best to accommodate guest requests. It is the Rock Springs Ranch’s expectation that by participating in or sending your child to an event here, you are asserting that Guest/Camper identified on this form has the necessary knowledge of their diet and can manage their food choices.

Most meals are serviced via self-serve bars or family style.

Special Diet Request Form